Our Products
Our "Starter Kits" are basically complete bee hives, without the frames or bees. Each kit comes fully assembled, finished, and ready to use. The kit includes a Screened Bottom Board with slide-out mite inspection tray, three Medium Boxes, a vented Inner Cover, and our own design of peaked, vented outer cover with metal top. As most kits are made to order, we're happy to make any changes you'd like. 

Available now in three options:
  • Locally sourced Pine / Spruce, sanded and painted in your choice of vibrant colours. Pick one colour or let us mix and match for a fun, unique look! $340
  • Locally sourced Pine / Spruce, carefully finished with gel-stain and four coats of hand-rubbed tung oil for $385
  • Sustainably harvested, Vancouver Island grown Western Red Cedar, and finished with four coats of hand-rubbed 'bee-friendly' tung oil, for $440 (with one deep box and one medium box, as shown here), or $475 (with three medium boxes)
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Starter kit, hand-crafted from Western Red Cedar.
Shown with peaked, vented roof - now standard for all new kits!

Tops & Bottoms
The floor, ceiling and roof of your hive. Included products:

  • Screened Bottom Board
  • Solid Bottom Board
  • Vented Inner Cover
  • Un-vented Inner Cover
  • Telescoping Outer Cover with Flat metal top
  • Telescoping Outer Cover with Peaked metal top
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The main boxes that will house your bees (frames not included). 

We keep a stock of 10-frame Langstroth parts in stock, but 8-frame and other sized equipment is also available.

  • Deep Brood Box (9 5/8" high; holds ten 9 1/8" frames)
  • Dadant (Medium) Honey Super (6 5/8" high; holds ten 6 1/8" honey frames)
By Special Order:
  • Shallow Honey Super (5 11/16" high; holds ten 5 3/8" honey frames
  • 'Flow Hive' compatible and other 8-frame equipment

These are the parts that may not be strictly required - but they're great to have on hand when you need them!

  • Escape Board
  • Robber Screen
  • Quilt Box
  • Hive-top feeder
  • Slatted Rack
  • Double Screen Board (aka Snelgrove Board)
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We keep a stock of 10-frame Langstroth parts on hand, but we're quite happy to build you anything that's a little less common. Don't let the word 'custom' fool you - we take the same care and attention in all of our products, so custom pieces are the same price as our more common products! 
  • All 8-frame Equipment
  • Warré Hives and Equipment
  • Shallow (5 11/16") Honey Supers
  • Custom Hive Stands
  • Demonstration Hives
  • ...anything else you can think of!

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