Specialty Woodenware
There are a number of hive components that don't always stay on the hive, but that doesn't make them any less valuable. See below for some of our specialty items.
Escape Board: This is placed under a honey super that you want to harvest, a day or two before harvest time. It's essentially a bee maze - they can find their way out of the super, into the brood box below (the bees spend the night in the brood boxes), but can't get back up into the super the next day. So when you come along a day or so later, all the bees have left the honey super and you don't have to brush them away. No stinky chemicals needed! Just don't leave it on for more than about two days, as the bees are unable to protect their honey against robbers or other animals. It's also important that your escape board fits snugly with no entrances for ants or other insects to get in. $50

Double-Screen Board (aka Snelgrove board): This is a board with screen that separates two boxes of bees. Each side has both an upper and lower entrance (eight in total!), so you can use it to split a strong hive into two colonies, without having to move boxes and use additional bottom boards, inner covers and outer covers. It is a more advanced product with many uses, usually revolving around queen rearing: it can be used to introduce new queens, and perform a variety of other tasks. A great way to create nucs or split hives into two colonies without having to immediately invest in additional hardware such as bottom boards, inner covers and outer covers. $75
Hive-top Feeder: This is a 'Miller-Style' hive-top feeder, made from pine or cedar and mahogany plywood. We have improved the design slightly to virtually eliminate drowning bees by adding a 'bee-ladder', plus a secondary screen that prevents the bees from accessing the main syrup reservoir. It also allows you to add syrup without bees coming out to say hi! Two coats of marine epoxy coating ensures water-tight reservoirs that are safe for the bees, and allow easy cleaning. Further, we have used screws instead of staples, so the screens can be easily removed, allowing access for a more thorough annual cleaning, if required. Holds over 2 gallons (8 litres) of sugar syrup! $60 / $80 (Cedar)

Quilt Box: This is used in winter months to control moisture. Placed directly above the top box, it generally replaces the inner cover and sits directly below your outer cover (roof). This box is filled 2/3 full with wood chips or other absorbent material. As warm, wet air rises through the hive, it will pass through the cotton sheet and wood chips, and any moisture will condense on the inside of the outer cover. Rather than raining back down on the bees (which would kill them), the condensation simply falls onto the wood chips. The screened vent holes on each side allow the wood chips to dry. 

Our Quilt Boxes are built with a screened mesh on the bottom, and a cotton sheet (included) sits on top. After a winter of moisture, you can simply throw the cotton sheet in the washing machine or even replace it if required, without having to disassemble anything.
$35 / $40 (Cedar)
Slatted Rack: This is one of those uncommon pieces that many beekeepers have never seen nor heard about. However, those who do use them absolutely love them, as there are numerous benefits!

The basic idea of a slatted rack is to create an extra air space directly above the bottom board, below the lowest brood box. The air space creates a longer entry-way, giving guard bees a larger area to do their job and defend against robbers, yellow-jackets etc. The extra air space also buffers any wind coming in the front entrance, which allows the bees to use the entire frame height without worry of chilling the brood in the lower areas. It can also help reduce or delay swarming, as it reduces over-crowding, as well as limiting bearding tendencies on hot summer days, as the extra space allows the bees to better control the temperature inside the hive. 

The slats are designed to line up with the frames, so that the bees do not build excess wax under the frames. 
$70 / $85 (Cedar)
These are just a few examples. If there are any other parts you'd like us to build, just ask - we're always happy to help!

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