Tops & Bottoms
Every home needs a floor, ceiling, and roof - your bee hive is no exception! We offer a variety of products to fit these requirements. 

Screened Bottom Board: This provides an entance for the bees and ventilation for your hive. Under the screen is a slide-out Coroplast tray, which serves as a way to check for varroa mites. $50 / $60 (Cedar)

Screened Bottom Board with removable screen: Built the same as our 'regular' Screened Bottom Board (above), but with a slide-out screen instead of a fixed screen. This allows easy cleaning of dead bees and other unwanted items from the screen during the winter months, when the bees are less likely to remove these items themselves. Click here for more information! $65 / $75 (Cedar)

If you regularly move your bees up to the mountains or to different apiaries, we also offer a Flip-Up Screened Bottom Board which allows you to quickly and easily close the entrance to the hive for transport. It offers the same slide-out mite tray and ventilation benefits as our other bottom boards.
$65 / $75 (Cedar)
Screened bottom board with removable screen              
Vented Inner Cover: Comes with a 1" wide notch vent, which can be placed at the top (to provide ventilation without the heat loss, mainly in winter) or vent down, to provide more active ventilation in the summer, and double as an additional bee entrance / exit. Our new style features a large, 2 1/2" diameter centre hole for feeding with a mason jar. $25 / $30 (Cedar)
Un-vented Inner Cover: Same as above but without the 1" wide notch vent. Used if ventilation is not an issue. $25 / $30 (Cedar)
Inner Cover
Garden Style Ventilated Outer Cover: We designed this outer cover exclusively for our wet West Coast climate. They look great, but that's not all - unlike most other peaked ("Garden Style") roofs, these are heavy-duty roofs which offer huge ventilation benefits and can be used year-round. In winter, the vent holes draw wet air up into the attic space and out through the gable ends, which increases ventilation in the hive. For this reason, you don't have to add any insulation or ventilation to overwinter your colony - use it year-round without having to change a thing! Summer benefits include less bearding and faster capping of honey reserves. It also makes a much more attractive addition to your apiary.

The metal top is sheet aluminum and is available in your choice of silver (polished aluminum) or brown - both options are the same price. Click Here for more photos and details about our Garden Style Ventilated Outer Covers.

Shown are (left to right) Painted Pine with brown roof, Oiled Cedar with silver roof, and Stained and Oiled Pine with brown roof.
$95 (Painted Pine) / $110 (Stained and Oiled Pine) / $130 (Oiled Cedar) 
Telescoping Outer Cover: A less expensive roof for your hive, this is a flat roof made with solid wood sides with a heavy-duty plywood top, covered with metal roofing material. They are a basic outer cover, similar to commercially-available equipment, but made with the same attention to detail and high-quality materials as all other Bee Furniture. Note that you will want to add a ventilation and/or insulation option (quilt boxes etc.) in winter to reduce condensation forming inside the hive. $55 / $70 (Cedar)

Telescoping Outer Cover

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