Screened Bottom Board
with Removable Screen
Late one summer, I was approached by a young woman who enquired about purchasing a few of our Screened Bottom Boards, but she wanted something a bit different - a slide-out, removable screen. I have to admit, I was confused - why would you want to remove the screen? 
New bottom board with removable screen - slides in and out.
"In summertime, when the bees are flying, any dead bees are removed from the hive from the workers. But in winter, they accumulate on the bottom board, inside the hive. A removable screen allows you to easily clean the dead bees from inside the hive, without opening the hive and disturbing the bees (or chilling them)."
With the screen tray in place, it looks almost identical to the regular model
Brilliant - our customers have the best ideas! We happily re-designed our screened bottom board slightly, and built a batch with slide-out screens (in addition to the slide-out mite tray - we removed the mite tray for these photos). When the screen is in place, you'd be hard-pressed to see any difference between our 'regular' Screened Bottom Board and the version with a removable screen.  
Uses the same welded, galvanized 1/8" mesh screen
We are now offering both versions - the 'regular' version, and this slightly modified version.
The screen tray slides into a track built in the side rails.
Available now in Pine (as shown) for $65, or $75 for Western Red Cedar.
Order yours today and treat your bees to clean hives, all winter long!

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